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Showreel 2013

A small sample of the projects produced during the year 2013


Here you can find out more about the projects I’ve been working on during the last few years.
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Whether you are brainstorming for a film, a commercial or a viral campaign, you need a person who can translate visually what your message or idea is. The artistic and dramatic structure of any audiovisual project is essential for obtaining a successful outcome and the choice of the director is the key in how your project is going to look like. With numerous award-winning short films and several years of directing for film under my belt you are assured that my contribution to your script is going to make a difference.
The producer is the person who makes things happen and always finds a way to get a project through all the stages of the production. Having studied and worked both in Italy and Estonia, I now share a large and stable network of contacts that allows me to easily involve a wide variety of specialized industry people into the projects I work on. The skills gained with a BA in Media and Communication and through my years of collaborations have gotten me in contact with beautiful minds across all Europe who are eager to step into new productions and exciting challenges. After all, we all love this job and can’t wait to hear new ideas and work together to make things happen.
The audiovisual industry is not just Feature-films and Festivals. There’s a huge demand for small campaigns, backstages, viral ads and corporate videos. Throughout my years of practice and work I have developed my skills in shooting with DSLRs and in processing their footage to achieve the best possible results from their powerful technology. These devices allow you to get great picture and to keep the budget low at the same time – exactly what is needed for smaller projects aimed mainly at a online distribution.

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